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Stump Elastic Bandage 10cm x 6m Elset S 3482

Stump Elastic Bandage 10cm x 6m Elset S 3482
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Model: MSMEE752

Elset and Elset ‘S’ are lightweight compression bandages used to provide compression for the leg following vascular surgery and for general surgical and orthopaedic use. Elset ‘S’ is specifically recommended for above- and below-knee stump bandaging.

Elset bandages are manufactured from tough, lightweight rayon and covered elastic yarns.

Elset and Elset ‘S’ have slip and conforming properties that help to maintain compression as oedema and swelling are reduced during treatment. Elset is used in the Charing Cross Four Layer Bandage Technique for the treatment of venous leg ulcers. In addition, their light, open weave is comfortable for patients, especially in long-term usage.

The 12m length of Elset ‘S’ makes it possible to provide one-piece compression bandaging over the full leg. A range of widths is available to meet the specific requirements of different applications. Both bandages may be washed and autoclaved with no loss of effect.

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